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Young Readers at Broadgate

Young Readers at Broadgate




With one in eight disadvantaged children not owning a single book, making reading an accessible and fun part of everyday life is one of the National Literacy Trust’s vital missions.

It’s why Broadgate has joined forces with the charity’s Young Readers Programme to host creative and memorable reading-related events that capture children’s imaginations around our neighbourhood.

In 2017, we wanted to do something really incredible for the 248 children from Thomas Buxton Primary School, Canon Barnett Primary School and Christ Church C of E Primary School who visited us for the day.

So we invited a brilliant London-based storyteller to read their favourite books and introduce them to new ones, opened up Theatre Delicatessen for an arts and crafts workshop, and took them to the top of the Broadgate Tower to see London from a whole new viewpoint. They even got to meet Titan the Robot in Finsbury Avenue Square – much to everyone’s joy (especially the robot’s).

As teacher James Downs from Thomas Buxton Primary School explains, the event had a huge impact on the children:

“There is a more palpable excitement about reading. Children are no longer just bringing in one book, but several to read. I have witnessed children taking care of and discussing books with their friends.”

The pupils comment, “It encouraged me to read more. I read loads more books than I did before” and “I had a really good time! There were so many books that I wanted and it was so hard to choose a book.”

About the National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust is a national charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK. The Trust’s research and analysis makes them the leading authority on literacy which drives their interventions. They run projects in deprived communities, campaign to make literacy a priority for politicians and parents, and support schools.

The Young Readers Programme is the National Literacy Trust’s flagship programme. It motivates children and young people in areas of disadvantage to read for enjoyment by involving them in creative reading-related events that promote book choice and help them to become lifelong readers.

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