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The Rise and Rise of Wrap Up London

The Rise and Rise of Wrap Up London



Everyone needs a coat; this simple truth is what inspires Wrap Up London.

Sadly, another truth is that some of the most vulnerable people in society – women and children seeking refuge from violent partners and parents, homeless people, asylum seekers, the elderly and the disadvantaged – don’t always have the means to buy their own.

Since 2010, Wrap Up London (the brainchild of charity Hands On London) has coordinated coat collections to keep as many people as possible protected and warm each winter.

We’re proud that Broadgate, in conjunction with neighbourhood business William Blair, has collected 5,421 coats. Last year alone saw an amazing 1,809 donated by Broadgate. Since the campaign expanded across the UK, Wrap Up London has collected and distributed an astonishing 102,000 coats.

The coats have been distributed to over 100 charities and organisations including the British Red Cross, St Mungos, Shelter and the Women’s Pioneer Project. As the national charity for single homeless people Crisis comments, “Thank you for supporting Crisis at Christmas. We could never collect this many.”

Next winter, help the most vulnerable and donate your coat.

About Hands On London

Hands On London is a Registered Charity (1140291) that helps the third sector source volunteers for their service and organises corporate group employee volunteering events. With a huge variety of projects, Hands On London is inspiring Londoners to make a difference.

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