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Development news at Broadgate

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Tree Felling

6 trees are being removed from Finsbury Avenue Square, with a further 7 being removed from the footpaths around the perimeter of 2-3 Finsbury Avenue, along Wilson Street and Sun Street specifically. A further tree in Finsbury Avenue Square is to be pollarded.

Which trees are being removed?
4 trees in the centre of Finsbury Avenue Square as well as a further 2 in the North-East corner of the square (adjacent to 3 Finsbury Avenue). In addition, 3 trees along Wilson Street, plus 4 trees along Sun Street are to be removed.

Why are we removing them?
The trees need to be removed to facilitate the redevelopment of 2-3 Finsbury Avenue

When are they being removed?
The trees are being removed between 20th December and 23rd December 2021.

What about wildlife?
The bird nesting season finished at the end of August 2021 and removal of the tree is occurring after this time and within the recommended period (October to February). As part of an Environmental Impact Assessment carried out for the existing site it was found that no impacts on nesting birds were anticipated.

Will you replace the trees?
Yes. Planning permission has been granted on the basis that removed trees will be replaced with mature specimens. The wood chips produced from the removal of the trees will be re-used as wood ‘mulch’.

Additionally, a donation has been made for 130 trees (10 for each tree removed) to be planted as part of a reforestation project run by our charity partner; Greenpop.


The Elizabeth Line is coming…

Europe’s biggest infrastructure project which was expected to open in Autumn 2019, is now delayed.

For all the latest information and updates, visit Crossrail, call the helpdesk on 0345 602 3813, follow them on Twitter @Crossrail or view Crossrail’s quarterly update, Moving Ahead.


The redevelopment of 100 Liverpool Street

Image of 100 Liverpool Street featuring shops such as Tommy Hilfiger and Dune

The first of British Land & GIC’s major redevelopments started in January 2017 and is due to be completed this year.

100 Liverpool Street will provide bright and airy office space, exciting new shops and restaurants across three levels, outdoor spaces, easy commuting and good views, all in an eco-friendly building.

Designed with wellbeing and creativity in mind by Hopkins Architects and Universal Design Studio.

  • Exciting retail and rooftop dining
    90,000 sq ft of new shops, brands and boutiques and restaurants on three levels and a ninth-floor restaurant with terraces for alfresco evenings.
  • Green growing
    20,000 sq ft of outdoor terraces on five levels, lushly landscaped will add colour and life to 100 Liverpool Street bringing people together and attracting more birds, butterflies and bees to Broadgate.
  • Easy commuting and connectivity
    Six tube lines, trains, buses and direct covered access to the new Elizabeth Line. Over 660 cycle spaces, full height lockers, showers, step-free paths and dual entrances. Wherever you want to travel, 100 Liverpool Street will have it covered.
  • Eco loving
    Energy-efficient, water-saving, waste-reducing and ecology-friendly. Like all of Broadgate’s buildings, 100 Liverpool Street is designed and managed to the highest sustainability standards; good for people and the planet.

Fulcrum & Octagon Arcade Works

Watch the time-lapse of the Fulcrum being lowered here.

The refurbishment of 135 Bishopsgate

Located near Liverpool Street Station, 135 Bishopsgate will form part of the transformation of Broadgate and will provide a unique blend of renewed and improved offices, public spaces and food outlet.

The main change will be improving the connectivity of the building with the street and creating welcoming green spaces for visitors and workers to enjoy, including terraces for those within the building and a comprehensive refurbishment of the internal office space, reception areas and building services.

The retail space will increase substantially and will include restaurants, food counters and ‘production labs’ where visitors will be able to learn new skills, taste incredible products and try some great wines.

The Viewing Gallery

The Viewing Gallery (or 3 Broadgate), the circular building which sits between the Broadgate Circle and Finsbury Avenue Square, has been completely transformed.

Originally designed in the Eighties to reflect its surrounding buildings, 3 Broadgate is currently being given a new lease of life. Works have commenced creating a striking building in keeping with its neighbours and the new vision for Broadgate Vision while also providing a more attractive route through the ground floor. A new coffee kiosk has been incorporated into the design for those speeding across the neighbourhood.

The refurbishment of 1 Finsbury Avenue

1 Finsbury Avenue’s enhancement has been designed to appeal to its broad range of vibrant and exciting diverse occupiers while recognising the building’s Grade II listing by Historic England. Included in the refurbishment work is restoration and conservation of the unique elements and qualities of the building’s design.

The building provides contemporary office space around a central atrium that is open and accessible as a throughway between Wilson Street and Finsbury Avenue Square.

The building is now home to new restaurants and a cinema with more to follow.

Protecting our neighbours

During the redevelopment of any of the projects, we endeavour to ensure disturbance is kept to a minimum for those who work, shop, visit or play at Broadgate.

Noise, vibration and air quality monitoring units are dotted around the neighbourhood with locations determined by the developments. We’ve had baseline monitoring completed in advance to establish normal levels and working limits have been agreed with the City of London.


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