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Biodiversity at Broadgate

At Broadgate, we love our planting. From green roofs on our properties to the planters found throughout the neighborhood, our planting is designed to act as habitable space an support nature.

Our onsite landscaping team manage planting throughout the neighborhood and look to ensure that seasonal planting is in place.

What’s in our planters?

The two main planters you will find throughout the neighborhood are the Large Round Planters and the Small Round Planters.

Large Round Planter: Busy Lizzies & Begonias

Small Round Planter: Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, Chives, Mint, Thyme, Marigolds & Lavender

What’s on our roofs?

1,400 sq ft of green roof space with seasonal and native planting, and habitats for birds and insects.




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