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A guided tour of Eataly

With all the flavours of Italy spread across 42,000 sq ft, two floors, three restaurants and bars, six eateries and a marketplace of 5,000 Italian products (including a wine cellar featuring 2,000 labels) alongside a welcoming and knowledgeable team – let us take you on a tour of Broadgate’s newest opening, Eataly where you can “eat, shop and learn”. 

Ground floor – cafe, takeouts, pizza and pasta counters

The main entrance to Eataly is right next to Liverpool Street Station on Bishopsgate. Head up the stairs and through the revolving doors and you’ll step directly into the splendid Gran Caffè illy from illy coffee (complete with an artwork created using coffee from Turin-based artist Massimiliano Petrone).

Inspired by the elegant cafes of Italy, you can sit and enjoy freshly-baked patisserie and coffee at their tables or (once restrictions allow) stand at the bar for a morning espresso –  their fridges are also full of delicious takeouts for food on the go with a counter full beautiful cakes such as Baba Limoncello and Bigne al Pistacchio. 

Head through the corridor and you’ll discover the legendary chocolatier Venchi’s pick’n’mix section (you need to stock up on Gianduiotto filled with hazelnuts is our advice) followed by the cannoli bar on Via del Dolce (you’ll soon be able to make your own).

In the main hall, there are huge counters of fresh pasta to take away for lunch or make at home (the cacio e pepe sauce is incredible), paddles of freshly made pizza, focaccia (traditional, tomato covered or sweet) and baked bread plus a central bar that serves drinks on the open-air terrace overlooking Bishopsgate – a spot that’s also catered to by the Aperol spritzeria. Over by the doors, you’ll find banks of trolleys to help you with your shopping… 

First floor – market, winery, cook school and restaurants 

Take the double bank of elevators upstairs and you’ll discover the laidback Pasta e Pizza which serves woodfired pizza (the dough is leavened for around 50 hours in total using Italian tomatoes, organic flour from Mulino Marino, extra virgin olive oil and house-made mozzarella – you can see into the kitchen that’s producing it) and traditional pasta from 11.30am every day.

There’s also the bijou Cucina del Mercato which will feature ever-changing menus inspired by the produce from Eataly’s market and fresh counters: plates of freshly cut salami, prosciutto and speck (the staff on counters will cheerfully guide you though their recommendations); cheese selections of ricotta, taleggio and pecorino al tartufo; vegetables from Natoora such as baby artichokes, pecorino cream and mint; raw fish, sea bass, squid and Meditteranean red mullet from the fish counter and salsiccia luganega, chicken and lamb cutlets from the butcher. 

Surrounding these spots for lunch and dinner is a marketplace filled with every Italian product you could wish for: banks of bright and beautiful tinned tomatoes and passata, extra virgin olive oil from around Italy’s regions, Balsamic vinegars of Modena, a risotto aisle that’ll leave your head spinning, shelves of antipasti and aperitivo snacks, Italian biscuits and almond sweets. There’s even a self-serve selection of pasta as part of Eataly’s commitment to creating a sustainable marketplace. 

Finally, you can explore the UK’s largest selection of Italian wines with over 2,000 labels organised by province – from Piedmont’s Barolos and Barbarescos to Fiano wines from Campania. Just past the wine section you’ll also discover Eataly’s La Scuola which will host hands-on cooking classes and tastings and coming in September will be the finer dining restaurant, Terra. 

To pay for your many, many purchases (because there will be some), there are carefully distanced pay points by the exit. Divertiti ad esplorare!

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About Eataly

Founded in 2007, Eataly was born in Italy from Oscar Farinetti’s idea to gather high-quality food at sustainable and reasonable prices for all, celebrate Italian biodiversity and create an informal, natural and simple place to Eat, Shop, Learn, all under one roof. The name EATALY is a fusion of two words: EAT and ITALY. As a result, Eataly stands for ‘Eating Italian’ which encompasses the history and the food culture of Italy, the ease of preparing Italian dishes, and the many qualities that Italy has to offer. There are over 40 Eataly stores across 15 countries around the world, with Eataly London being the first in the UK employing 300 people.



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