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A colourful wonderland comes to Liverpool Street

Beautiful, unique and inspired by the city that surrounds it, meet Atoll by artist and designer Morag Myerscough.

A permanent installation that’s opening up in Broadgate’s 1FA (at Finsbury Avenue Square next to Broadgate Circle and Liverpool Street), Atoll is open to the public and will be home to a bustling cafe.

“I come from Holloway in London and I’ve always been really fascinated by Victorian times when people from the city used to go out to the parks for fresh air. So when I was given 1FA [as a canvas] it made me think about ‘what is its history?’. And it was a residential area,” Myerscough explains. “So the idea was to bring this residential structure into the middle of this big building where people work.

“I then looked at some traditional Victorian tile patterns and worked them through to develop them into my designs. Also, there’s a phrase, an idea of planting, that when people are closer to plants in nature they’re happier; I believe colour does the same so I’m hoping this space will actually make people feel better.”

Intrigued? Then come and explore our beautiful new installation and discover the rest of the Broadgate collection and art trail

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