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Meet our Artists for Spring



We’re playing host to Hornby Tantra | Collaborative Works III : Proposals, an exploration of the creative collaboration between two London artists, Nick Hornby and Sinta Tantra until Friday 25 May. Find out more about these amazing artists… 

About Hornby Tantra
The artists met at London’s feted Slade School of Fine Art in the early 2000s then followed divergent career paths but after a decade of shared conversations and mutual respect, they made their first collaborative artworks (including large-scale coloured sculptures) in 2013. This is the third exciting project in their ongoing collaboration.

What’s really interesting about this duo is that while many artistic collaborations tend to subsume the artists’ individual styles, Hornby Tantra manage to create a tension between their co-habiting voices while upholding their distinct mediums and practices. When placed against the traditional artist figure alone in their studio, the idea of co-authored work may seem unconventional – after all, how can two distinct visions occupy a single space with equal force?

But, despite obvious differences, Hornby Tantra find common ground in their relationship to shape and culture, resulting in an interwoven dialogue – Tantra’s paintings on Hornby’s sculptures, Hornby’s re-imaginings of Tantra’s painted works – each voice remaining clear and considered. We’re incredibly excited to be able to feature them in Broadgate’s neighbourhood this spring.

About the artists
Nick Hornby (b. 1980) and Sinta Tantra (b. 1979) live and work in London. Both studied at the Slade School of Fine Art. Their collaborative practice includes exhibitions and public artworks both in the UK and internationally. Exhibitions include One Canada Square (2012) and Choi Larger Gallery (2014). Their next solo exhibition will be with Choi Lager Gallery in Korea 2019.

Hornby’s solo sculptures combine three-dimensional modelling software with art historical citations cast in bronze or carved in marble. Tantra’s solo work engages with painting on an architectural scale, working with tempera on linen as well as murals on building structures. Both artists employ innovative technologies and handcrafts, approaching this dialogue similarly.

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Photos by Luca Piffaretti